Walden Productions Inc. is owned and operated by Bruce Walden.

Bruce began in the balloon industry in 1985 as a singing telegram performer – delivering balloons in costume to help put himself through university. Upon graduation, he opened a small party goods retail store in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. By 1988, he had won international acclaim for his performances, expanded into a larger retail location, and started to provide special event decorating services. He also began to teach others within the industry.

Business boomed, and in 1990 Bruce relocated to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, in pursuit of a larger corporate décor customer base. Top awards in all areas of the balloon industry – from centerpiece design to marketing materials – quickly followed. Highlights include a first place large sculpture award at the International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC), and a prestigious GALA award for “Best Balloon Creation” from Special Events magazine.

His work has also appeared in many other trade publications including Balloon Images, Balloon Ideas, Balloon Magic, Florists’ Review, Cut & Dried, PartyTimes (formerly Balloon World), Balloons & Parties, and Weddings with Style.

With years of experience behind him, Bruce now works primarily in industry education and product development.

His popular seminars have taken him across North and South America, Europe, the South Pacific, Japan and Singapore. His comprehensive instructional videos have trained thousands of balloon artists around the world. For more information about Bruce Walden’s Balloon School Videos, click here.

Lending his expertise to other leading industry businesses, Bruce approached Conwin to produce the Dual Split Second Sizer and the Duplicator 2. He conceived and designed the Sculpture Drop line of balloon drop hearts and stars for L. Daniels (for more info click here), and co-developed the Premium Balloon Stems with Premium Balloon Accessories (for more info click here).

Bruce’s newest invention (Patent Pending) is the magical Uplifter – Helium-Powered Greeting”. With amazing 3' banners that pop up to surprise the recipient, Uplifters are sure to be a big hit! Click here to learn more about this exciting interactive gift.

The 2001 IBAC Crystal Award was presented to Bruce Walden of Walden Productions Inc. for “outstanding contribution to the industry.”

Bruce Walden, CBA
President, Walden Productions Inc.
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