Sculpture Drop
Hearts & Stars

Sculpture Drop kits are manufactured by L. Daniels Inc. – the makers of Balloon Pro netting and many other great balloon drop products. The Sculpture Drop kits were conceived and designed for them by Walden Productions.

The kits come with clear Balloon Pro netting precut into the right shape to create a 3-dimensional heart or star sculpture once they've been stitched together and stuffed with balloons of the desired color. Full instructions, chain stitch cord and ceiling clips for easy installation are also included. The completed sculptures are great value for any event... first they’re the perfect décor to set the mood... then they’re wonderfully fun as the balloons cascade down on the guests!

Depending upon the ceiling height of the party room, kits are available to make two 4' stars, two 4' hearts, or a single 7' star or heart. The 4' sculptures (shown here) look best with 5" balloons. The larger sculptures are designed for 9" balloons. For more information about Sculpture Drop kits or other balloon drop products, click here to visit the Balloon Pro web site.
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