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Balloon HQ is an amazing resource for the balloon industry. The web site is chock full of well researched information on balloon decorating and entertaining. If you're a balloon decorator or twister, be sure to sign up for one of the Balloon HQ E-mail lists – great for trading ideas and useful tips! Click on the logo to visit Balloon HQ now.

Hi-Float and Super Hi-Float are water soluble plastics that help latex balloons retain helium. Once the solution has dried, an inflated balloon can float up to 10 times longer! Essential for gift arrangements and long-lasting displays. Click here for info on using Hi-Floated balloons with your Uplifter. Other Questions? Click on the logo above to visit the Hi-Float Company's web site.
Premium Balloon Accessories make Premium Balloon Stems, sticks and cups, balloon weights and the popular Coolaire inflators. Click here for more information on making arrangements with the Premium Balloon Stems, or click on the logo above to visit the PBA web site.
L. Daniels Inc. makes Balloon Pro balloon drop netting and other related products. To find out more about their Sculpture Drop hearts and stars, click here. Or click on the logo to visit their web site.
Qualatex Balloons, made by Pioneer Balloon Company, are the most popular balloons for delivery and decorating. Pioneer also produces Balloon Images Magazine, a great free publication for balloon professionals who use their products. Click on the logo above to visit the Qualatex web site.
IBAC is a large annual convention for balloon retailers and decorators. It’s usually held in Chicago, in March, at the same time as a large trade show for the party goods industry. Click on the logo above to find out more.

www.balloons.com offers a free referral service for balloon professionals. Click above to go to the bouquet/Uplifter delivery search area, click here to register your company’s services (it’s free!).

The International Balloon Association is a nonprofit trade association open to all distributors and manufacturers of balloons and balloon accessory products. Click here to visit the IBA’s web site.
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