Printed on each Uplifter you’ll find...


  1. Remove small “POP ME!” anchor balloon.
  2. Feed free end of rubber band under the rolled banner and through round hole in front of box.
  3. Inflate anchor balloon with air to about 4" (10 cm) in diameter.
    Tie directly onto end of rubber band. TIGHTEN KNOT.
    Carefully trim excess balloon neck (nozzle) with scissors.
  4. Prepare helium balloons on short ribbons (see recommendations).
  5. Rotate banner forward. Insert plastic tab through long top slot and tie the short ribbons to the tab.
  6. Close box.

For best results, use quality latex balloons fully inflated with helium. Balloons smaller than 11" and larger than 24" are not recommended. Choose from:

    11" (28 cm) round: 4 - 10
    14" (35 cm) round: 2 - 5
    16" (40 cm) round: 1 - 3
    17" (42 cm) heart: 3 - 6
    18" (45 cm) round: 1 - 2
    24" (60 cm) round: 1

For optimum banner float time, treat balloons with Super Hi-Float™ before helium inflation. Allow solution to dry prior to Uplifter use.

3 22" Sparklets provides the ideal lift (and last a long time).

Note: standard size foil balloons provide limited lift ability and should only be used in conjunction with recommended latex balloons. Some 36" foil balloons do provide sufficient lift power – for safety, test before use.

Children under 8 years old can suffocate on broken balloons.
Discard pieces immediately.

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