Uplifters for all occasions...

Get Well

Single: #10
4-Pack Box: #410
10-Pack Case: #110

New Baby

Single: #11
4-Pack Box: #411
10-Pack Case: #111

Happy Anniversary
(Smiling Hearts)

Single: #12
4-Pack Box: #412
10-Pack Case: #112
Before new Uplifters are made, we create a series of designs for each occasion and ask a focus group of balloon retailers to help us evaluate which ones should go to production. The Get Well design shown was a huge hit... so we’re sure it will be popular with a wide variety of customers.

The balloons chosen to complement a design can change the focus of the message. For example, heart shaped balloons on the Anniversary banner make it more romantic – perfect for one spouse sending to another. While someone outside the relationship may find that round balloons in a variety of colors help accentuate the “celebration” aspect of the design. Similarly, try adding pink “It’s a Girl!” balloons or blue “It’s a Boy!” balloons to the New Baby Uplifter!

As indicated, each Uplifter is available in a single style 4-Pack box and a single style 10-Pack Case. Our newest assortment also contains these three Uplifters:

10-Pack Case Assorted B
has 1 each of #10, #11 and #12.

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