Your first Uplifting experience...
The white rubber attachment band may have worked itself loose in transit. It should be positioned as shown here. If not, loop the band through the hole in the plastic hang tab (on top of the banner) and then through itself. (Trivia: this is called a “lark’s head” knot).

The banner may have unraveled significantly, or the dowel may have been knocked out from it’s support during transportation. If necessary, remove the dowel from the box, tighten the banner roll and reinsert.

Feed the free end of the rubber band UNDER the banner as shown, then out through the hole in the front of the box. Attach the “POP ME!” balloon to the rubber band with a small tight knot. Trim the remaining balloon neck.

Then rotate the banner forward, grab onto the hang tab and feed it through the top exit slot. Note: the rubber band should be providing tension against you. Tie the desired helium balloons onto the hang tab and close the box. Make sure all ribbons are outside the exit slot.

If you experience any problems, feel free to contact us at 1-800-268-7084 or click here to send us an E-mail describing your difficulty. We’ll do our best to help promptly.

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